Monday - thursday night league    9 Hole - $15 a week per player and $25 league fee

 Monday - Women's/Couples League

            Tuesday - Men's League

          Wednesday - Men's League

           Thursday - Men's League

These leagues are two person teams. Leagues will have scheduled times of 5:00, 6:30, and 8:00. (Except on Monday's where couples golf at 5:00 and Women's league tee's off at 7:30)  You will be assigned a time each week.  This league will be handicapped. (keeping in mind that scoring will be a max of triple bogey on each hole and putts will be 10 foot gimmies, this helps with pace of play and helps with the putting on the sims) Scoring is based on how many teams are in the league.  Ex.  If there are 18 teams (full league) then the top team for the week would receive 18 points, second 17, third 16 and so on.  We will be playing a different course each week for the 8 weeks.  We will have three different leagues throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring.  Teams that can't make it will be able to golf during an open tee time as long as it is before the day of league for that week otherwise they will forfeit points that week.  Schedules will be sent out prior to league starting.  After the 7th week there will be flights set up for the 8th week to determine a winner of each flight in a playoff during the 8th week with awards/prizes to follow after your league time that night.   

Monday and Tuesday 55+ Morning League

  9 hole- $15 a week per player and $25 league fee

Monday - Men's League

Tuesday - Men's, Women's and Couples combined 

This is a handicapped league and for ages 55+ and will will tee off at 9:00 am and 10:30 am.  Two person teams starting early Dec and going for 8 weeks. See league above for scoring and dates.  Teams will play at either 9:00 am or 10:30 am.  For those not able to make it during a certain week they can make it up during a open tee - time as long as it is done before the next league date, otherwise they will forfeit points.  Schedules will be sent out prior to leagues starting.

THursday Men's Day League

  9 Hole - $15 a week per player and $25 league fee

This is a handicapped league and that is designed for the golfer that can only golf during the day.  This league will tee off at 9:00 am and 10:30, you will be assigned a time each week and schedules will be handed out before league starts - two man teams and the rules and scoring are same as the other leagues.

Please note that these leagues are designed for fun and a chance to swing the clubs during the winter months.  There will be a chance for all teams and individuals to win awards and prizes during the duration of 8 weeks.

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